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Leslie Cheung in He's a Woman, She's a Man.
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Leslie was here...

Hong Kong superstar/actor/singer Leslie Cheung was shooting some scenes of the movie He's a Woman, She's a Man at R&B Studio. Ray mixed the theme song Chase (both Leslie's & Dick Lee's versions) which won the Best Song in the 14th Hong Kong Film Award. However, this original movie version performed by Leslie has never been released on CD until 2010. (Leslie sang a re-arranged version in his 1995 comeback album.)

Meanwhile, Anita Yuen received the Best Actress award, second year in a row.

Other HKFA's Best Songs mixed by Ray are Kary Ng's Love Is Not All Around (27th HKFA) by Dennie Wong, Andy Lau & Tony Leung's Infernal Affairs (22nd HKFA) by Ronald Ng, Leon Lai's City of Glass (18th HKFA) by Dick Lee, Leo Ku's EYT (17th HKFA) by Dennie Wong, and Anita Mui's winning songs from Heroic Trio & Twin Bracelets (11th & 13th HKFA), both written by Lo Tayu!

Twenty Something

Wish, performed by Sandy Lam, was also among the Best Song nominees. Produced by Clarence Hui and Joseph Hwang, and again mixed by Ray at R&B...

Jordan Chan of Wind Fire Sea was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his outstanding performance in Twenty Something.

Alice Lau

After grabbing a few Newcomer honors from local music awards, actress/singer Alice Lau once again received nominations in the Hong Kong Film Awards for:

Best Actress
Best Newcomer (winner)

Alice in One of the the Lucky Ones.

More Alice in The Umbrella Story.

Capital Artists' King without a Queen

Sammi Cheng has finally left home!

Andy Hui has lost his queen, sold out three concerts, set new sales record and decided to Go East!

The prince of Capital Artists is rising fast with another CD!

New hopes : Eason Chan & Miriam Yeung.

Take a last look at Sammi (200K QT mov) during the making of her last album at R&B Studio.

CD covers

Music Factory's Products

Music Factory has produced over 10 albums at R&B Studio.

You may miss some of the fine tunes from Music Factory but don't you miss the web test site of Rock Records, presented by Ray's World.

A few other Asian superstars were here too.

Some record companies tends to forget giving credits to engineers and musicans but always remember to mention who's doing the hair for their artists.

Some of Ray's work as producer.

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